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Life’s Getting Back On Track!

I’m sorrryyy I know I haven’t blog in FOREVER, it’s just been crazy right now! After new years, I had to re-immerse myself back into the real world. I had to pack up my things, spend time with my family, then move back to my apartment in London. As soon as I got back to my apartment I had to unpack and clean. My time now has been consumed by classes and work shifts and throughout all of this, my sorority has been having it’s biannual initiation week. This is the first time I’ve really been able to sit down and type, and it’s only because I’m waiting to meet a group of fellow classmates to work on a project already due next week.

I know it may sound like I’m complaining- but I’m not [for once haha]. Life’s becoming normal again AND in a good way! I’ve enjoyed all of my classes and professors, I’ve had fun and easy workshifts, and I’ve spent an insane amount of [amazing] time with my sisters while we go through the motions of initiation week.

…You probably don’t know what initiation week is… Wellllll:

Initiation week is a week we have twice a school year to welcome our new member class of the semester into the sorority as full blown active members. It includes nightly ceremonies introducing the new girls to the values and mottos of our sorority as well as fun events to bring us closer together as sisters. We’ve been playing games and eating a lot of food while getting to know each other better. That has really been my favourite part. I learn more and more each day how supportive my sisters are and it makes me unbelievably happy.

For example, last night, we were all hanging out in the chapter room chatting in various groups. One of the new girls, Ashley, asked me about my ostomy. She knew I had one because of my facebook picture and the fanpage, but she wanted to know more about it. So I started explaining it while a few more girls starting listening. About 3 minutes later, every girl in the room was looking at me while I spoke. One girl said she didn’t know what it looked like. What did I do? I stood up on the couch and showed my ostomy to everyone. After that, heads nodded, people seemed to understand, and some girls began to make funny comments or jokes. One of the girls, Tamara, said “I’ve poked it!” while others laughed, not at me, but with me I sat back down and conversation continued until it flowed its way into another topic.

I sat back down with a huge smile on my face.

I love my sisters.

Well, that’s all I have for nowwwwww. Hope everyone’s been having a great new year!

PS; New year= new people to tell about Uncover Ostomy! Spread the word :]

Jessica Grossman
  • tamara
    Posted at 07:35h, 11 January

    tamara?! ahaha thats my name! i have an ileostomy and i’m going to uni in london come september!

    which uni are you at?

  • Rich
    Posted at 07:47h, 11 January

    Hey Jessica, i recently discovered your blog via google searching for my own issues. i just had a quick question, probably a long shot, but i’m having trouble finding someone (dr.’s, etc) to figure out my own digestive and elimination issues, wondering if you know of a good place or person to contact for someone living in Los Angeles or anywhere in California. if not, no worries and thanks for this amazing blog, very, very inspirational. keep it going.