It's Cold. - Uncover Ostomy
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It’s Cold.


Yep. I’m back.

Arrived around 3:30pm into cold, cloudy, and snowy Toronto.


I don’t even know where to begin to describe my trip, but it was absolutely wonderful. I had a week of just lying out in the sun without a care in the world. It’s been a really long time since I haven’t had to deal with anyone or anything or any work or any studying.

I miss it already.

It was quite an interesting trip. We arrived last Monday afternoon, just in time to catch a bit of sun. My brother and I were placed in a room together while my mom had her own. Thank god for that because I only had to wake my brother up when I got to bed every night at…4am? [What? It’s vacation and I LOVE the beach at night!] Despite going to bed so late I still managed to get up around 9:30-10:30 am and walk to the beach for about 6 hours of sun. After sun worshipping was over, I’d go back to the room and shower and get ready for dinner. My mom’s only [and really, only] rule for the trip was that her and my brother and I had to eat dinner together, which we did. After dinner though, Jason and I would go meet up with our separate groups of friends that we had made.

I ended up meeting and hanging out with these 3 brothers from Windsor; Alex [16 But totally going on 21], Greg [19], and Brad [20]. They were really relaxed and really nice and it was refreshing to hang out and feel like one of the guys. The first few days of the vacation the resort was pretty empty so the 4 of us pretty much had a lot of space to ourselves. Not that we used it though- we just hung outside of the “sports bar” that they had there talking and drinking and eating way too many French fries.

After hanging out with these guys the first few nights, on Christmas eve- coincidentally- this really sweet girl Zoey that I know from home showed up at the resort with her family! By the next night, she and her older cousin ended up joining me and the guys to hang out. By the last couple nights more and more people ended up at the resort and the amount of people around grew exponentially. I’m kind of glad we left when we did though, because there were way to many people by the last night. I much preferred hanging out with a few people over the 15 or so that the group extended to be.

Obviously this is the summarized version of my trip. It’s almost impossible to type out everything that happened. But to HELP- I made a video :]



All I can say is that this trip was exactly what I needed to get myself ready for 2010.

2010 is bringing a new Jessica.

Jessica Grossman- 2010 Edition.

Watch out.


PS; I know that people still DONT believe that I have an ostomy and I know that there’s a picture of me in the video in a bikini that you can’t even tell. So here, maybe this zoom in will show you I’m no ostomate wannabe



Jessica Grossman
  • Traci
    Posted at 07:48h, 02 January Reply

    Jessica: I am perpairing for my colostomy surgery on Thursday morning and I want to let you know that this photo of your torso is just amazing. I wanted to let you know that you are inspiring and only wish to have a quarter of the confidence that you show!

  • Ipoopalot
    Posted at 02:13h, 11 February Reply

    Jessica could you do a tutorial on how you prep your ostomy for swiming? I wear a bikini with my Ostomy as well, but mine is rather high up and the top of the bag shows sometimes. What is that clear stuff at the top? What products did you use. Did you cut the flange? or fold down the bag? I’m very intersted. I’m getting a permanant ilesotomy tomorrow. I’m not happy with the position of the ostomy right now its to high for my liking I like where yours is situated. I hope they can make my bag a bit lower maybe by and inch and half to two inches. Unfortunaly I have a scar from my surgery but that wont stop me from wearing a bikinki but the bag showing might. Any help you could give would be great thanks so much.

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