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What is Channukah?

So I was just perusing the blog [clearly procrastinating…. but in my defense it’s 2:30 am] and someone had asked what Channukah is.


I thought everyone knew?


Well Channukah is the Jewish festival of lights. We celebrate it around Christmas time. It involves presents, food, and family. The back story is long but pretty much, the Jews got saved by Judah Macabee and his Macabee team. We light candles because the town was lit by a large candlabra [menora] and there was not going to be enough oil to continue to light this menora for the week, which would mean the town would be in the dark. Because of a mircale, the oil lit the menora for the entire week.. We celebrate that.


Don’t know how helpful that was haha. But yes, hope everyone is having a wonderful Channukah time and has gotten some good presents and enjoyed the food [since I can’t- being stuck at university doing exams 🙁 ]


PS I apologize if this doesn’t make sense. I may edit accordingly if I read it tomorrow morning [today?] Gotta love exam time.

Jessica Grossman
  • Rob
    Posted at 23:34h, 19 December

    So thats what channukah is :o)