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Big Thanks!

As I had mentioned in my previous post, a few guys I know here at Western decided they would use their annual handcuff party to raise money for UO. [See poster above]

It turned out to be an awesome night, raising over $300 for the campaign!

Unfortunately, I could not actually attend the event as I had made previous commitments in Toronto before I was told this party was happening. I wish I could have been there, though! It sounded like all the people I knew who went had a great time and got to meet new people [you know, being handcuffed to randoms and all!]

I was also told by my “little sister” [in the sorority] Zelda, that some guy was walking around the party telling people he was my cousin and asking for more donations to be given. Apparently, he thought that telling people he was my cousin was more personal and would encourage people to donate more. Whatever works, right?

All in all, it sounded like it was a wonderful event, like every year, and I wish I could have been there.

I am beyond greatful at the thought of raising money for UO.

On behalf of myself, IDEAS, the UOAA, and OSCS, we would like to thank the residents of The Happy House [Jory, Andrew, Jared, Vince, David, and Layton]

You guys are awesome <3

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Jessica Grossman
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