"Pledge Your Head" and Handcuffs Anyones? - Uncover Ostomy
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“Pledge Your Head” and Handcuffs Anyones?

One great thing about being in a sorority is all the charity work we get to do!

Yesterday us Alpha Gams and AXE put together an event to help raise money for our sororities charity: The Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation for Juvenille Diabetes.

The event was held at our sorority house while guys piled in to sit at a special hairwashing station set up by the people from AXE, then were escorted over the hair styling seat to get their hair styled by AXE products by the sisters.

It was an awesome event and made me so proud to be an AGD :]

See the video here!


Another great thing about being in a sorority is the Greek Scene [the group of all of the sororities and fraternities]. Tomorrow night a bunch of members of the fraternity Sigma Chi are throwing a huge house party for UNCOVER OSTOMY woooo. It’s their annual HANDCUFF party where people go and handcuff themselves to someone else so they get to meet someone new! All the money raised tomorrow night is going to the campaign to help spread the word! It should be a wonderful event and I’m so happy to know there are so many people out there who support this!


Pftttt who ever said sororities and fraternities are badddd

Jessica Grossman
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