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Sorry I’ve been so MIA

I’m sick. With what seems to be the lovely H1N1 flu. Woo. My doc said 80% of people with flulike symptoms now have it. 2 girls in my sorority have it and I was around them a lot last weekend, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

I’m back home in Toronto now, recovering, in front of the tv eating soup and blowing my nose. It’s wonderful.My mommy came to pick me up from London and drive me home. She’s so wonderful.

I hope I get better soon cause it’s my cousin’s bar mitzvah this weekend. I can’t go while I’m like this. Like, my neck is so swollen it looks like I have 4 double chins. And you know, I also don’t want to get everyone else sick lol.

Anyways, I don’t know how much sense I’m making right now. I kind of need to lie down.


Jessica Grossman
  • Mary
    Posted at 04:02h, 29 October Reply

    So sorry you’ve caught this, I’ve been trying to get my vaccine and nearly did when I was at Mt Sinai today, but they ran out of serum. Be very careful with going out. My work’s pandemic plan says we can’t come into the office until either 7 days AFTER first onset of symptoms or 24 hours after the last symptom, whichever is LATER. We also can’t go into work if we have a temperature above I believe it’s 100.4. They are very strict on this as you can spread it during that time frame. I have our pandemic planner on my team and we talk about this regularly. Sucks if you have to miss the event, but given they haven’t started vaccinating the general population in Toronto yet, it may be best you do.

  • kames
    Posted at 01:59h, 17 March Reply

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