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Hocus Focus

So I’m pretty excited. The fanpage has over 1000 fans. In like, less than a month. I actually did not expect that and I am so amazed and proud! Doesn’t mean we have to stop though, keep spreading the word! But yes, ditto to the thank you below me from John, UOAA, IDEAS, and OCSC :]

Tonight is one of those nights where I’m only half studying. You know, when the notes are open and you’re looking them over, but really, you’re not absorbing a damn thing. It’s pretty annoying since I have a midterm on Monday and again on Wednesday. At least I have more time. I’m pretty much just checking the UO fanpage over and over again.

It’s just hard to focus when there’s something poking at you from the back of your mind. I’ve got that. There’s something poking at me saying “Jessica, you’re a big idiot and you know it. You knew better, and you still did it. And now you have to face the consequences.”

No, I didn’t commit murder or get pregnant or anything. Just a stupid decision I made in hopes of things turning out for the better and they didn’t.

And now I can’t stop thinking about it to focus.

Anyone have any good focusing tips I can use?

Jessica Grossman
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