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Crush. Crap.

A fun little thing we do in my sorority is hold a semi-formal event called crush.

The premise is that the girls secretly invite guys who are sung to and then asked to give up a tie. When the guys show up to the event they must find the girl wearing up the tie they gave and that’s how they figure out who their date or “crush” is. It’s really fun when you’re a new member and you get to go “crushing” and sing to the boys being invited. They sometimes have no idea what’s going on, or they absolutely love it.

It’s just a fun event because the girls love dressing up. Always good to have an excuse to buy a new dress.

My problem is that I have to tell the girl in charge of crush, tomorrow, who my date’s going to be. I have absolutely no idea.


I’m thinking I might just go alone. I’m confident enough to just be there, boyless. I still get to dress up.


Anyone wanna be my date?

Jessica Grossman
  • Merkley
    Posted at 16:36h, 28 October Reply

    i’ll be your date jess !

  • Raquel
    Posted at 03:46h, 29 October Reply

    i could accompany you little one. when is it?

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