How I Love My Alpha Gams - Uncover Ostomy
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How I Love My Alpha Gams

Wooo what a crazy weekend!

Everything I have put my focus on for the past 3 months all happened in the blur that was this weekend. Everything I had planned, organized, bought, practiced, etc, all came together.

It was better than I could have imagined, and it had nothing to do with me!

All of my fellow Alpha Gams came together to make this the best recruitment ever! I was so worried though because most them, and I mean like 80% of them, had never been through formal recruitment on the other side before and had no idea how it was done. I was slightly concerned they wouldn’t understand how everything worked. Boy was I wrong. Not only did they get it, they did everything they were supposed to do and more! For one, they helped clean and set up and clean some more without complaining! The house looked gorgeous for hours tours; the floors all clean, flowers everywhere, and sisterhood pictures lining the walls.


Also, without them, the house wouldn’t have looked as good for hours tours, or would not have turned into the jungle that is Alpha Gamma Delta every recruitment. It was a million times better than I had even imagined. Does this even look like a house?!


The girls also knew how to talk to the potential new members

Anddd it’s not over! Next week we have our open potential new girls and make them feel comfortable in our wonderful home. Best of all, these girls knew exactly how to pick the new girls that were perfect for our sisterhood. We definitely got some amazing girls. I couldn’t be prouderrecruitment where we find the girls we want to join ourselves, instead of through a big planned organized event with all the sororities. Thank goooooood I’m not planning this too!

Now that this is all over though, I don’t know what to do with my time… Besides school. Oh yeah, I had 2 midterms, one yesterday morning, and tonight. I think I did pretty well, especially considering how little time I had to study in this flurry of a weekend! Oh, and that project I was complaining about that I couldn’t figure out what to do-80% [super hard to get in my program yayy]

Anywaysss, that’s all for tonight! I hope everyone in the States had a good World Ostomy Day
Jessica Grossman
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    This looks like such a severe injury and it's a little hard to look at these photos. Please keep us posted, I hope she makes a full recovery. Thank you for helping relieve her suffering, you are doing great work.

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