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Shooting Stars

A shooting star can be defined as “…broken pieces of meteors that have become broken off in space”

Despite how much my faculty argues over whether Wikipedia counts as a trusted source or not, I feel like I can use it here. [Even though the sentence doesn’t seem to be grammatically correct…]

Anyways, some people think shooting stars are rare, beautiful things, that only last for a second before they disappear.

In all actuality, shooting stars are broken space rocks that burst into flames because they’re falling at a ridiculous speed. These flaming rocks appear all the time. I know I’ve seen more than 3 in my lifetime without even looking for them. Yeah sure, they’re pretty and neat when you see them, but really, you get over the fact that you’ve seen one in a day or so. They’re just a part of life.

I guess I can compare this to ostomates. We’re just like shooting stars

People get all excited when they learn about us and our ostomies. People think ostomies are really neat because they’re so rare. Really, we’re all over the place.

We’re also definitely flaming balls of fire :]

But after a while, it’s not so exciting anymore. It’s normal. We’re normal. Just like shooting stars.



Jessica Grossman

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