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Moooom – He’s Bugging Me!

The pushing. The pinching. The fighting over the television. Whether you were the one yelling out in anger or the one causing the frustration, you all know what I'm talking about; Growing up with a sibling. For those who didn't catch wind - yesterday was National Sibling...

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7 Days, 4 Classes, 2 Projects, 2 Exams Later…

...And I've finished my first semester at New Y0rk University. You may be thinking, "Wait, she's done already? There were no posts full of endless whining, no incoherent posts due to essay writing fatigue, and there were no posts at 3am with late night ramblings ..What?" I...

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Time is Relative.

I’ve officially been living in New York City for a month now. I have been living here for 4 weeks- 30 days-720 hours. Nope. No matter how I do the math, it still feels like I’ve been living here for 3 days. These past few weeks have flown by-probably...

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The Grossman’s Take on Ribfest!

It almost seems a distant memory; the "bowel rest" stage of my disease. When my Crohn's disease had gotten particularly horrible, around when I was 12, I was put on "bowel rest." Bowel rest essentially meant that I wasn't allowed to eat. I was put on...

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I Don’t Think This Even Deserves a Title

In 7 days I will need to have accomplished: Celebrating my brothers birthday with him… a night out at a bar.. Writing 4 essays Packing up my entire room to move out of my sorority house Not having my brain explode I realize the first one isn’t a stressful event,...

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May the New Year Bring Only Joy

I’m back from a wonderful vacation in Jamaica with my mother and brother, and currently heading to London to spend New Year’s Eve with my boyfriend. It is this time of year that you must spend with the ones you love because you never know...

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It’s Cold.

Holaaaaaaaaaaaa Yep. I’m back. Arrived around 3:30pm into cold, cloudy, and snowy Toronto. Great. I don’t even know where to begin to describe my trip, but it was absolutely wonderful. I had a week of just lying out in the sun without a care in the world. It’s been...

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“Blog Detailing My Life”

A few hours ago, my wonderful friend and sorority sister, Amy, left me a facebook wall post telling me she liked reading my philosophical blogs and that my posts detailing my life were good too, especially when she’s procrastinating from studying. Well right now, I am...

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