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Someone Must Have Pissed Off Mother Nature…

Isn’t it funny how the weather seems to parallel the mood you’re in? The temperature is frigid and the wind is fierce and the precipitation on the ground is icing over.


Sounds angry, doesn’t it…


Maybe the weather only reflects our moods because our moods are determined by the weather? If it was sunny and warm outside tonight, would I be happier? Maybe. I hate the winter.


Well today marked the last day of classes for the 1st semester of my third year at Western. I can’t believe how fast time flies. I still vividly remember this time in 1st year. I remember what my residence room looked like and where I placed everything. I remember what classes I was taking and how I was studying for them. And I remember the people that were in my life at the time.

I look now and I see how much has changed since then. I no longer live in that residence room decorated with way too much pink paraphernalia. I no longer take, what now looks like, easy first year classes. And I no longer have the same people in my life.

I guess you can’t expect things to stay the same forever.

I sit here, procrastinating from studying, thinking about my future. I’m old enough now to accept that things change and there’s nothing you can do about it. I realize that these classes I’m taking are just steps for me to reach another phase in my life [which isn’t helping to solve my procrastination]. I sometimes wish that I could just jump ahead and be at a different part in my life. I’m sick of being a university student and having to study and worry about trivial things like marks. In the real world, marks don’t matter. I’m ready to be awarded for my hard work, not my ability to rationalize whether answer a makes more sense than answer b, when really, they both mean the same thing. I’m ready to feel like what I do is appreciated. I’m ready to be more than a number in someone’s book.

I’m also old enough to realize how ridiculous I’m being. I realize that I can complain all I want but things won’t change. You just have to learn what you can from what you experience and wait to hit the next part of your life, hoping you don’t accidently hit a wall.

I’m also old enough to realize I should be studying.



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Jessica Grossman