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August is a Terrible Month

I've always hated August. It's a terrible month. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. I mean, Buzzfeed agrees with me. We agree that August brings crazy hot temperatures. Gigantic insects. The end of freedom for kids everywhere. And, for all of us, it marks the end of the best...

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May the New Year Bring Only Joy

I’m back from a wonderful vacation in Jamaica with my mother and brother, and currently heading to London to spend New Year’s Eve with my boyfriend. It is this time of year that you must spend with the ones you love because you never know...

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Spring Cleaning

I’m back in Toronto, living in my old childhood room. My hole of crap of a childhood room. I literally have saved everything I've ever owned. Ever. I decided today, that I would be brave and clean it out. How much of that childish stuff do I need...

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