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August is a Terrible Month

I've always hated August. It's a terrible month. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. I mean, Buzzfeed agrees with me. We agree that August brings crazy hot temperatures. Gigantic insects. The end of freedom for kids everywhere. And, for all of us, it marks the end of the best...

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Sometimes, You Just Need Your Dad

I tried extremely hard to stay off of the internet today. I wanted to avoid the Facebook status updates, the tweets, the Instagram posts.. I really didn't want to see it at all. I'm usually pretty ok with it too. I've become quite the emotionless person (not...

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Happy 3 Years?

A little while ago I got a text from my brother saying, "Happy 3 years." "Happy 3 years?" I replied. "I don't know what to say before the 3." Neither did I. What are you supposed to say when you bring up the anniversary of a death? It's been 3...

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Time Capsule

I tweeted a little while ago that I had been invited to participate in WEGO Health's Health Activist Writer's Month's Challenge. I was a little shocked that I had been found, let alone invited to participate, especially since as I actually made my profile for the challenge, they...

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May the New Year Bring Only Joy

I’m back from a wonderful vacation in Jamaica with my mother and brother, and currently heading to London to spend New Year’s Eve with my boyfriend. It is this time of year that you must spend with the ones you love because you never know...

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The Holiday Season

Oh the holiday season. I guess for me, this season will always bring the good and the not-so-good emotions. This time of year is a mix of emotions between enjoying time with the loved ones in your life but is also about remembering those who are no...

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Happy Birthday to Me?

I am currently sitting on my couch, trying to recuperate from a 10 hour day at the Canadian National Exhibition. I’m also watching the clock change to midnight, making me 21. The Ex used to be a long standing birthday tradition for me in my family....

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A Year Ago Today…

My dad passed away. Still can't believe it's been a year. Well I still can't believed it even happened. I don't really feel like writing a whole thing today. I just wanted to give him the honor of being mentioned. I know he would be proud of...

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