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Uncover Ostomy is an online awareness campaign spreading positive ostomy awareness through stories and sharing.
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It Is Done.

After a nerve-wracking 2 weeks, I have been informed that my thesis was approved. I have officially completed my Masters degree at New York University.     Helllllllllllllllll yes....

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Am I a Master Now?

Holy crap. I just submitted my thesis. I think I'm done school. Forever. 7 months and 42 pages later I think I am done. Well, 20 years of school later, I think I am done. Why aren't I certain? I still have to get a mark on this paper. Do I...

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7 Days, 4 Classes, 2 Projects, 2 Exams Later…

...And I've finished my first semester at New Y0rk University. You may be thinking, "Wait, she's done already? There were no posts full of endless whining, no incoherent posts due to essay writing fatigue, and there were no posts at 3am with late night ramblings ..What?" I...

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