It Is Done.

After a nerve-wracking 2 weeks, I have been informed that my thesis was approved.

I have officially completed my Masters degree at New York University.



Helllllllllllllllll yes.

Am I a Master Now?

Holy crap.

I just submitted my thesis. I think I’m done school. Forever.

7 months and 42 pages later I think I am done. Well, 20 years of school later, I think I am done.

Why aren’t I certain?

I still have to get a mark on this paper.

Do I think I failed?


Am I scared shitless about it?


Fingers crossed.

A Bad Case of the Crazies


That is all I could think the morning of Tuesday, May 1st, the day my mother and I hit the road in a 10 foot Uhaul, en-route to Toronto. After living on a couch in a studio apartment with a wonderful friend who graciously took me in for 3 weeks, it was finally time to move myself back to good old Canada land.

I had moved out of my apartment 3 weeks earlier than I was supposed to. 3 weeks earlier than I had paid for. Unfortunately, I had no choice- my apartment wasn’t safe.

3 weeks prior to Tuesday, May 1st, I had solidified the fact that I could complete my Masters at NYU from Toronto by taking 2 online classes and writing my thesis at home. Knowing it would save me upwards of tens of thousands of dollars, I decided it only made sense to move back home. I made all the arrangements I needed to make, including confirming my plan with my program director, finding a place to live in Toronto, and securing a sublet for my room to fill in for me. I hadn’t actually signed a lease for my place in NYC, but it didn’t feel right putting my roommate out like that. The sublet I had found actually happened to be a girl who went to the same university as us for undergrad, was an absolute sweetheart, and extremely trustworthy- I couldn’t have found a better match to take my place.

Well, apparently I could have.

I informed my roommate of my plans and about the girl I had found to take my place in the apartment, knowing that this was a win-win situation for both of us. She, however, did not see it that way. Instead, she told me that I was not allowed to sublet my room and demanded that I had to continue to pay rent. Shocked, I simply said ok and walked out of the room.

Little did I know that this was the beginning of one of the most surreal events of my life.

The next day my roommate began to harass me by texting me and calling me constantly, insisting that I call her parents, yelling at me, and slamming doors. I was in utter dismay with her attitude as I had simply said “ok” to her demands and nothing about not paying.

The next day, she served me with a letter (that made little sense) from a lawyer that told me she was going to sue me if I moved out, stating that I had said I was going to move out without paying, which I had not. I had expected this letter, but I didn’t expect what followed…

That night, after my roommate had served me the letter from her lawyer, I realized that she had made passive aggression actions towards my things. She had thrown my shoes in a pile, taken a Christmas card of mine off the fridge, took my shower products and put them in the middle of the tub in standing water, and… well… to spare you the gross details… she had “tampered” with my toothbrush in one of the most disturbing ways possible. This action was so disgusting that I questioned whether it was safe to eat the food I had left in the fridge, as I was unsure of what she could have done to it.

It was then that I realized I couldn’t live there anymore, so I moved out for those 3 weeks. The problem was, I had to leave most of my stuff back in the apartment. It was 3 weeks later that I was able to retrieve my belongings, with the help of my mother. But not, of course, without hassle from my roommate.

The weekend my mother came into to town to help me collect my things also happened to be the weekend my roommate felt the need to recruit both of her parents to keep watch on us. And by watch, I actually mean stalk. The entire weekend, while the 5 of us were living in the tiny NYC apartment, my roommate’s parents not only went out of their way to make living arrangements unbelievably difficult, but went out of their wait to literally stalk my mother and I. They waited in the building foyer for us to show up for the first night, and then waited outside of the building for us when we would leave the apartment. While my mother and I enjoyed our time in NYC by shopping, going out for dinner, and seeing a show, they were stalking us-waiting for me to move out.

My mother and I let it slide as we were having a really great weekend together. We were able to pack my things quite quickly, which is why we could enjoy the things we did in the city before we had to leave. It wasn’t until the last day that things really got messy.

I had sent my roommate a letter (from the lawyer I had to acquire) a few days after her letter, stating not only the harassment she had inflicted on me, but that I would be moving out May 1st, as I had a presentation the night of April 30th. Apparently, her parents were never informed of the letter and they were under the assumption I would be moving out on the 30th. When they realized I was not ready to move out by 5pm that day, they.. well.. kind of went nuts.

After much discussion, my mom and I had decided earlier that day that it may be a better idea to move out that evening, just to get out of their harrassing ways. So, by 5pm on April 30th, my mother left the apartment to pick up the Uhaul…Unfortunately, at the same time my roommates parents came back into the apartment. They wasted no time to come into my room, where I was alone and cornered, to begin to verbally attacking me. Hearing this from down the hall, my mother came back into the apartment to save me. It then turned into a battlefield, as my roommates mom began yelling at us that we needed to “get the f*** out” of her apartment or she was going to call the police and physically move my stuff onto the street. My mother responded by informing my roommate’s mother that she could not do that, which we knew, because we had done our research.

To this, my roommates mom responded, “of course you did your research- you’re Jewish.”

Thankfully, we packed up and moved out of the apartment by 10pm that evening and drove to a hotel for the night. I couldn’t spend anymore time in that apartment, especially with people so vile… so anti-Semitic. My mother and I had a wonderful night’s sleep that night and were well rested for our long 10 hour drive back to Toronto the next day.

I am now home in my new apartment, still unpacking and finishing up an assignment for my spring semester before my summer semester begins. I am looking forward to all the wonderful things ahead of me and hoping that I never have to experience what I had experienced again. While I always look for the good in people, I guess there are always some people who just have a bad case of the crazies.


Have you ever experienced a ridiculous roommate situation? What did you do and how did you survive?

Sometimes You Just Can’t Avoid The Good People

When I originally moved to NYC, I had decided to keep to myself.

I would arrive to my class, sit down for the lesson, and leave as soon as it was over. I would then go home after class, do homework and go to sleep until I woke up the next morning to do my work for the remote internship I was doing from my couch until it was time for class once more.

I had made the decision to keep to myself because I knew that I wasn’t going to be in the city for long. After the craziness that was my undergrad university career with so many different types of classes, being a part of tons of organizations, attending a lot of parties, I had met so many people that I knew it was going to be hard to stay in touch with all of them. They were great people, but, unfortunately, studies show that you can really only stay in touch with a select few.

My goal in NYC was really just to get done what I had come here to do. Sure, I was going to be polite to my peers, but I had no intention of making good friends with them. Why? I thought. I was just going to have to leave soon anyways.

As the first semester went on, I began to interact with my peers more and more because of the mutual need to discuss exam questions and the group projects we were assigned for our finals. The Why? soon became the Why Not? and I made a few friends in the program. I didn’t hang out with them much, but it was nice to have someone to sit next to in a class. It was even nicer when I would get invited out for a drink after class. These few friends slowly became a little bit more. It wasn’t in my original plan, but these people were just so great to be around, I couldn’t refuse.

Boy, am I glad I didn’t stick to my plan.

When I realized that I was not able to live in my apartment for the remainder of my time in NYC, I had two of these amazing individuals come to my rescue. As soon as they had heard about my situation my new friends Natalie and Sarah both jumped at the chance to help me sort out my situation. Sarah, who I had only really hung out with a few times before took no hesitation to share her studio apartment with me. I had hardly known her, but she was willing to do that for me.


Not only had those two individuals come to my rescue and find me a roof over my head, but they, and a few other friends I had made put their extremely busy lives to aside last night to take me out for a celebratory farewell evening.  I have only known these people for a few short months, but they came together just to say goodbye to me, and I couldn’t be more grateful for knowing them.

I had a similar plan in terms of my working situation.

I had originally decided that once my remote internship ended, back in December, I was going to take a break so I could focus on my overload of courses. I knew I was completing the program in one calendar year instead of two years, so I had to take as many credits as possible at once. Then, when I was offered an internship at Group Commerce, I reconsidered, knowing it was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. Again, I had another Why Not? moment.

I’m usually not one to second guess myself, but I am glad, once again, that I didn’t listen to my silly plan.  My time at GC, which sadly, ended today was not only one of the most fun I have ever had at a job, but it was an amazing learning experience. A day would never pass without my boss. Josh, teaching me something new (and something I could never learn in school.) He would also constantly task me with projects I had never done before without worrying about my capability because he believed that I could do it, and do it well.

(That image is of Josh at the GC table at the Daily Deal Summit. He put me in charge of it’s setup! Something I had never done before. Apparently, we had the best table there…)

Josh really instilled a sense of self worth for my future career and I know it is an invaluable lesson that I will take with me for the rest of my life. I am actually devastated that I had to leave GC and all the amazing people whom I worked with. They all made me feel so at home and so valuable; more so than I bet any unpaid intern has ever felt before. It was an amazing experience that I am glad I did not pass up.

I had originally planned to keep to myself because I knew that if I met new people or got involved in something new, it would be a difficult to say goodbye. I have been a part of so many organizations, had so many jobs, and met so many people that I had learned to dread the parting of ways. Once again, I am getting ready to leave a group of amazing people that I have met and I am crushed to have to do it. I had hoped to leave NYC without any sadness, but unfortunately, that will not happen.

As hard as I tried to keep to myself during my time in NYC the good people still managed to force their way into my life.

And, man, I am happy they did.

You Don’t Exist Without a Business Card

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying my hand at this whole “networking thing.”

No, not social networking- the original networking: real life, real people, meeting in person, type networking.

Thanks to NYU, I have had the opportunity to go to events alongside various successful individuals, including some top level execs in the tech industry. I have attended these events in the hopes of making connections to someday (soon) land myself an awesome job.

I’ve been learning through these experiences important etiquette for successful networking: dress well, introduce yourself with a firm handshake, remember names, and trade business cards.

Wait, what? Business card?

“Oh, I’m sorry! I don’t have a business card! Let me just scribble, in my terrible chicken scratch handwriting, my email address for you.”

Ok, so I’ve been doing pretty well up until the whole “business card thing.”

At every event I have been to so far, I’ve had to embarrassingly admit that I did not have a card to my name.

I was cardless.



Yet, not opportunityless.

For some extremely lucky reason, I was given a free ticket (retail price $999 USD) to attend the Social Commerce Summit happening in NYC. This event will include people such as Alex Maybank, CEO and Founder of Gilt Groupe, Jason Goldberg, the CEO and Founder of, and Tim O’Shaughnessy, CEO and Co-Founder of LivingSocial. (Holy awesomely cool, right??) These amazing people in the tech industry who will be there are going to attract other amazing people in the tech industry and they will all be surrounding me at this event next week.

Too bad I don’t exist….

Well, at least I didn’t exist when I got my hands on this ticket…

The people who know me know that, however often I make a fool of myself (unfortunately, too often), that I am quick to fix the cause of my idiocy. So, in order not to look like a complete tool at this amazing event, I decided to make myself some business cards.

Originally, I was going to build myself a website in HTML5 that would be the hub of my life; social networking sites, portfolio, resume, contact, etc, and then I was going to make a corresponding business card. Realizing that I am actually in need of MUCH training to build a website for myself, and that it will take me quite a long time to do so, I decided to reverse the process. Instead, I designed my business card in a way that I will eventually design my entire website. Not ideal, but I had to do something.

Today, I received that something in the mail:

Now, let me be clear on a few things:

  1. I realize the cards are small, but I had a credit for a free set of these. I figured, why not? They’re still pretty cute and unique.
  2. It’s hard to see them here with my terrible photography skills.
  3. It’s even harder to make out the cool background I made… if you look closely… It’s a keyboard.. hehe

Well, there you have it. I have a card to my name. I can attend this events, talk to people, shake hands, and trade identities.

I mean- business cards.

Watch out tech world.. I’m coming…

Have You Noticed the Increase in Weight Loss Commercials Recently?

Welcome to the New Year and to that gnawing feeling at the bottom of your stomach that you don’t think you’ll be able to keep your New Year’s Resolution.

The amount of weight loss commercials has increased on television recently in order to recruit individuals hoping to keep their New Year’s Resolution of losing weight. Pretty clever, huh?

(Also, did you know that fast food and restaurant commercials are more frequent late afternoon, right before dinner time? I learned this when I was put on bowel rest for the first time when I was 11 and wasn’t allowed to eat for 7 days. I paid very, very close attention to those commercials..)

But I digress!

I bring up New Year’s resolutions because I have been thinking about mine. Yes, it has already been over a week since the New Year began, but I needed some time to think.

After much soul-searching, deep thought, and sleeping on it- I have come up with 3 resolutions for the new year:

1 I will graduate NYU by the end of the summer and find a coveted job.

2. I will stay as happy as I was when the New Year began.

3. I will devote much more time and energy to the success of Uncover Ostomy.

My first resolution is not too much of a stretch. For those who do not know, I have already planned out the courses I will be taking in my graduate program so that I will finish the 2 year program at NYU in one calendar year. Assuming I do not fail any of my classes, (which I’ve never done before), this will be done. I knew this resolution was too simple, so I decided to add the second part of the resolution about landing a (super awesome) job. I am hoping that by graduating out of this program, I will be able to find myself a job that I actually enjoy and that will pay the bills (a girl can dream, right?) It was this time last year I was determining my future for the coming year, so it is only fitting that, now, I begin to think about the next year to come.

My second resolution may seem silly to many, but to those who know me, it is definitely not. Since my father passed away over 2 years ago, my life had sort of revolved around a cloud of unhappiness. I wasn’t overly unhappy, but I definitely wasn’t as happy as I could have been. I was, I would describe as- overwhelmingly pessimistic with a hint of sarcasm. I was suffering a loss, I was stressed with school, and people in my life were not making it easier. It is not surprising that I was unhappy, I suppose.

Slowly, over the past couple of months, that underlying unhappiness that was within every snide remark or negative comment I made has disappeared. Some have even told me that they can see the happiness exuding from my skin or from the words I type over facebook chat. You may even say that I am a pleasure to be around now (maybe.)

Much of this happiness has been attributed to the fact that stresses from school have lessened dramatically. I am learning practical and interesting things that do not require me to write 5, 15 page long essays per semester on the same, yet not the same topic. (I cannot even tell you how many different ways I wrote essays on the media’s power to disseminate messages to the masses. See the parallel with my opening statement now?) I am really enjoying my studying, making it much easier to handle.

My happiness also stems from the people around me. My family, for one, has grown stronger and happier since the sad loss of my father. While lost family members are never forgotten, they become easier to handle as time goes by. The holidays are always a hard time to deal with the loss of important people, but this year it was more of a year to celebrate memories, then morn a loss.  It was wonderful seeing my family so happy this holiday season. It brought out a happiness in myself.

The majority of my happiness, as a lot of people have pointed out that they have noticed, can be accredited to my boyfriend. Though I don’t get to see him very often, knowing that he is in my life has made me wonderfully content. During the holiday’s, I was able to spend a full 2.5 weeks with him, maximizing the time we had together. While I was in Toronto, he accompanied me to holiday dinners with my family, we spent the rest of the holiday’s together at his place in Florida with his family, and then we rang in the new year together in NYC. My New Year’s Resolution is to maintain this content feeling- this happiness- that I have gotten from him for the entire year.  As long as he remains in my life, it won’t be hard.

My third resolution is focused on this campaign. Since its launch, Uncover Ostomy has only been growing larger and stronger; successfully spreading ostomy awareness. While we’ve been doing great things together over the past little while, there is so much more I want to do.

We all know that the vast majority of the UO audience are those who have ostomies themselves.  While I am ecstatic to have so many devoted participants in this campaign, it is only half the battle. As you know, UO is a two tiered endeavor: to spread acceptance of the ostomy to those with them, and to teach those without them what they are. So far, the second tier is lagging behind.

Over the past few months, I’ve come up with ideas that I really believe could break Uncover Ostomy into the public realm. The fact that I live in NYC has given me a geographical advantage to reach a wider audience than before and I believe that what I have in mind can do that. While my location may be ideal, and my ideas pretty freakin awesome, my ability to make use of them is not quite as easy as I had hoped. I have two main obstacles stopping me: time and resources. While I worked to get over these obstacles by setting aside time to find resources, I plan to work even harder at it in the new year. Unfortunately, my endeavors so far have come up pretty unsuccessful. I have gotten many hollow promises of help, if not complete rejections. Hopefully, more by devoting more time to this search, I will come up with something.  I have great ideas for us, but it’s hard to get anything done when you do not have the money to do it.

I think the three diverse resolutions I have given myself for the 2012 year will be good for my mind, my heart, and my soul. I am going to work hard to enhance my skills and build my career; I am going to maintain the happiness that exists in my life from the people who I am surrounded by; and I am going to work even harder to find ways to spread awareness for our great cause.

As I conclude this post, I hope that my resolutions have given you some inspiration for your own. I hope for you, in the 2012 year, that you will work hard to advanced yourself in any way you can, whether it be through more school, finally quitting your job and finding one you really love, or taking up that hobby you have been dreaming of doing for a while. I hope that you will find, if not maintain a happiness that makes you wake up every morning with a smile on your face, happy to have special people in your life. I also hope for you, in the 2012 year, that you will help Uncover Ostomy continue to spread awareness. We have accomplished so much, but still have so much more to do.

Friends, let go of that gnawing feeling because, this year, you will keep your New Year’s Resolution.

Happy 2012 <3


(Sidenote: This post started out on the topic of weight loss commercials because I was eating pickles, and noticed the pickle jar said that 1.5 pickles were 0 calories and then I thought, if I ate only pickles for an entire week, I could essentially not ingest any calories and then a weight loss commercial came on and then I remembered I needed to blog. Whoops.)


7 Days, 4 Classes, 2 Projects, 2 Exams Later…

…And I’ve finished my first semester at New Y0rk University.

You may be thinking, “Wait, she’s done already? There were no posts full of endless whining, no incoherent posts due to essay writing fatigue, and there were no posts at 3am with late night ramblings ..What?”

I am shocked myself.

This past week has been the most overwhelming, yet most calm exam period of my educational career. Despite the complexity of the projects and the material I was to study, I found it a surprisingly palatable week. The projects were actually kind of fun, despite the stress of getting all the work done on time, and the exams were not that fear inducing.  Perhaps this was all because I actually enjoyed what I had learned over the past few months.

On Tuesday, I had a group project due, for my Social Media Management class, that required us to create a social media strategy for a company in need. Considering I am a social media strategist, (oh yeah, if you didn’t know that about me, I am), the project was a way for me to practice my profession.

On Thursday, I had an individual project due, for my Building a Brand class, that required me to rebrand a brand identity that was in need. Now I am not a designer, but I have found myself to have an back for branding. At least from this project I have. I spent 3 weeks putting together an entire brand redesign from the research to the brand brief, to the actual images, to its specifications (including math!), to create a final product. I had never done this before but it was great experience. (And I think I did well!)

Friday was much more stressful than those of the previous days- It was my Managerial Finance exam! I had studied as much as I could while completing the other two projects and felt quite comfortable in my knowledge. I was comfortable, that is, until I saw how much math was on the exam. I do know I passed so there’s no stress there.

Today I had my last exam in Management. I had studied all weekend, with the exam being worth a whopping 85%, but I wasn’t nervous. I had paid attention and participated in every class and had quite enjoyed the material I was learning. Though I didn’t know a few things on the exam, I still know I did well.

The main reason this exam week was so stress free was because I actually enjoyed everything I was creating, compiling, learning, and studying. This stuff is real, useful, and pretty fun. I mean, the class titles even sound enjoyable. (Well, to me at least…)

I’m not knocking my undergraduate education, but I have to say, I am finally learning the things I want to learn and the things that will prepare me for my future career.

I have just finished packing my suitcase for winter break; something I am greatly looking forward to. This year, however, I am not looking forward to it as a stress reliever, but am simply looking forward to seeing friends, family, and my boyfriend. I will only have 4 days in Toronto, as I am heading to Naples, Florida with the boyfriend and his family. After only a few days there, however, we will be heading back to NYC so I can-yes- start school again.

Yup. I am taking a course over the “winter semester.” 3 intensive weeks of one class for 3 credits staring Jan 3rd. Then I start again on January 23rd.

Why, you might ask?

While I greatly enjoy learning what I am in this program at NYU, I have also learned- maybe from the program itself- that I am ready to join the workforce. After careful planning and consideration, I have decided to  do this 2 year program in one calendar year. It will take a lot of time, dedication, and studying, but I am ready to put these skills to work.

And make some money.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the holiday season with the ones I love.

Happy holidays everyone!

Also, we have surpassed 3,500 people on the Facebook Fanpage! So exciting! Remember to keep inviting your friends!

You Know You’re a Crohn’s/Ostomy Patient When..

…you check yes to 12/30 health issues on a clinic history form..

I tweeted this last Saturday while I waited at the NYU Health Services Clinic to be seen for some issues I have been having over the past month.

Now, don’t get all freaked out or anything- my Crohn’s disease isn’t back! I’ve just had some all around medical issues that, because of Crohn’s, no intestine, lack of an immune system, and an ironic immunity to many pain medications, I have to take any issue with my body quite seriously. I’m sure some of you can relate.

I know how easy it is for me to get sick and for that sickness to turn into something disastrous, and so does my mother. Being the caring, loving, and sometimes overzealous worry wart that she is, made sure that before I moved here to NYC, I had the highest medical insurance plan that my university would allow. The comprehensive plan. In case I got sick here in NYC, I would be covered.

That’s all well and good when emergency situations arise. I don’t know much about the medical system here in the U.S, but I do know that emergency situations can get very costly if you don’t have insurance. Lucky for me, my mom splurged for the plan that covers as much as possible, according to the university. Swell.

I was hoping, then, that having this intense health insurance would also come in handy in situations like these; where I’m having issues, when I’m not sure what they are, and when I need them to be diagnosed and fixed before they become too dangerous.

Unfortunately, the one thing my medical plan here in NYC doesn’t have is the doctors who have known me and have been helping me for my entire life. Without these doctor’s, however, no matter how comprehensive my medical plan is, it doesn’t mean I’m going to get help.

Now, I am definitely not knocking the health facility at NYU. In fact, it was great! I was seen basically as soon as I arrived and filled out my medical history form (mind you, that probably took a good 15 minutes..), and the facility was clean and fancy. Everyone was also extremely friendly.

My issue, however, wasn’t any of their faults- it was simply my own.

After explaining the issues I have been having over the past month with the doctor who had taken my case, I then dove into the short version of my medical history. Crohn’s disease, hospital stays, medications, diets, anemia, ostomy, etc etc. I explained all of this, the doctor took some notes, and then they took blood.

Great. Awesome. Monday, they said, I’d have my results back and we could go from there.

Monday morning I get the results of my tests and advice from the doctor I have been dealing with. I am told my tests results are normal, though I should probably get them checked again in 6 weeks (if there are no abnormalities in my tests results while the issue is going on I doubt there will be a change in 6 weeks, I thought…) and was also told that I should do some things that I had explained I was already doing.


Needless to say, that visit to the clinic was useless.

I get pretty frustrated with the fact that I constantly get sick with random things here and there. It’s even more frustrating that, often, these random things are things that can’t be left alone in fears of the issues getting bad, or in the worst situation, the issues exacerbating my Crohn’s disease. I am probably the most frustrated, however, when I have to explain my entire medical history from beginning to end to a new doctor.

So, in order to make sure I get back to being healthy, I’m heading back home to Toronto for a week and a half to see the doctors that have had to deal with me for so many years. There’s n0 guarantee they’ll know what’s going on either, but at least they have some contextual background to use for my diagnosis.

Upside to all of this? I get to spend tons of time with my mom and boyfriend, both of whom I miss very much.

Cup half full.

Cup also half medical anomaly.

Thanks comprehensive medical insurance, you’ve been great.

Just One of Those Days…

Ever have one of those days where everything just sucks?

Ok- ostomates, I know you’ve had plenty those days, which is most likely why you’ve ended up with an ostomy…

But I mean like, one of those days.

Today was one of those days for me.

When I arrived in Newark airport to start school a week and a half ago, two immigration offers forgot to give me a specific piece of paper that I needed to be legal in the US. I realized this a week later when the International Student Office at NYU told me I was missing this paper- even though I asked these two immigration officers if I had everything. I was living in America ILLEGALLY. Dundundun.

“Are you sure I have everything?” I asked on my arrival, after a 3 hour flight delay.

“Yeah, looks like it.”

“Are you sure I have everything? What do I show when I leave the country.”

“Just show them this paper” (wrong paper)

“I have to bring both of these 8×11 pieces of paper with me?”

“Yep. And that’s it. I think. Hey, [talking to other immigration officer] does she have everything?”

“Yeaaaah she’s fine! You’re ok to go!“

No. No I was not.

In order to be fine, I was told that I had to get this little piece of paper by going all the way back to the airport (about an hour ride and not a cheap ticket), wait,  go through some long process, and then travel back. I spoke with a few people on the phone and they told me when and where to go.

So I had to travel because the immigration officers made a mistake. Things like this really get me sometimes.

Anyways, fine, I had to do it, so I got up this morning, bought a return train ticket to the airport, and was on my way.

I get there. I wander. I run into a security guard. She asks me what I’m looking for and I tell her.

“It’s closed.”

“It’s closed? The person on the phone last week told me it was open at this time.”


So I called the phone number I had prior to my trip. They told me it should be open.

I asked the security guard again.

“No. It is closed. I don’t know who you’re talking to on the phone. It’s closed. Come back tomorrow. ” (insert rude glare here)

I had just paid a ton of money to get to the airport, took the morning off from my job, traveled for an hour, and you’re telling me I have to come back tomorrow??

No. Not happening.

Just. Not. Happening.

So of course, of course, it’s the one time in like forever my hormones have conquered my brain (sorry boys) and I start crying!

Me! Crying! That, like, never happens in general, let alone in public!

It was horrifying.

So I leave this horrible lady’s post and I find some other security guard who I ask what to do in between sobs. He suggests I go all the way to JFK airport and that there’s a shuttle that will take me there.

Ok. Cool.


For a price, of course. Of course.

There’s nothing else I can do, obviously, so, bawling, I find myself at the ticket counter where the ticket lady calms me down as she takes my credit card. The shuttle driver was nice enough to wait beside me until I was checked in before he left.

45 minutes later (without traffic) I arrive at JFK.

Tears are gone but my makeup is smudged.

Oh god, they’re not going to let me emigrate here looking like a wreck. I look like a drug addict. Pull yourself together, woman!

I compose myself.

I find the room that I need to go to in order to get this frustrating piece of paper.

I walk in and quickly explain my situation.

I hand over my passport and then I sit down.

7 minutes later… I have the paper.

“Thanks, Miss. Have a nice day.”

Are you kidding me???

Ok, awesome, great, I don’t have to wait for another 2 hours for this stupid paper, but this entire trip and all the money it cost to get there was for a 7 minute process??

Of course it was only for a 7 minute process.

I grab my passport and start my journey home.

Oh, obviously the trip’s not over.

I get on the airtrain, which takes me to the subway station,-which of course I have to pay for since I can’t use the return ticket I bought for the other airport. I get to the subway and and take another hour ride to get home. I could have done it the faster way, but I wasn’t going to splurge the extra 3 dollars for this nonsense. I just wanted to be home.

Well, I stopped at the grocery store to get some frozen yogurt on the way.

It helped.

VIDEO: My First Week (and a bit) In New York City!

May be a tad jumpy… I’m not working with the best programs here…

[Non-Profits (and Students) don't have budgets to work with!]


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